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Robotics Courses

We offer many types of robotics courses Which include in-house courses and also private session courses to institutions.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) can be a fun and educational tool forkids, providing them with immersive experiences that can enhance their learning and creativity where they can learn and understand on different subject more efficiently.

Coding Lesson

Coding is a valuable skill for kids to learn, as it helps to develop their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Professional Teachers

Our teacher is in technology and engineering background where they have many experience in conducting programming and robotics classes for communities.

National Level Competition

Let's Code is a competition organized by Roboshop Technologies Sdn Bhd in collaboration with many institute such as Community College Paya Besar, Community College Temerloh and University Malaysia Pahang

Active Learning

Our Learning method is explore find and solve where is helps our student in developing various skills for their life. It helps them in problem solving skills, team building and also create an impressive method to solve a problem.

Our Activities

We are focusing developing the digital skills for the next-gen where applying the edutainment concept. With the supportive technology tools and interesting learning environment, we sure vour kids will love it

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