Minecraft Education Series: Beginner’s Guide

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What is Minecraft Education Edition ?

Minecraft: Education Edition is a game-based learning platform that helps students develop STEM skills, unleash their creativity, and collaborate and solve problems. Minecraft allows teachers to meet students where they are and stimulates deep, meaningful learning in a variety of areas.

What is the differences between regular Minecraft vs Minecraft Education Edition ?

In several aspects, Minecraft: Education Edition differs from the original Minecraft game. Minecraft: Education Edition is more of a learning platform based on the popular game than the original game, which allows for free exploration and plays like a traditional game.

Kids can learn a range of coding, math, and problem-solving abilities while playing this version of Minecraft. They are also taught about digital citizenship. Students participate in project-based learning tutorials and games rather than focusing on game play.

What devices does it compatible with and where can you download it?

Minecraft: Education Edition is available on Chromebooks. It’s also compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and iOS. Students can use their Microsoft accounts to log in and they are working on Google account logins.

Students can retrieve their prior data and stored projects after logging in. Without a separate server, students can collaborate with one another in groups of up to thirty in a classroom. To play, you’ll need an active Office 365 EDU account and you can download it on microsoft official website.


Is it appropriate for Minecraft education to be a method for children to learn?

Minecraft and Minecraft: Education Edition have the potential to be excellent educational games and resources. The best part about using a game like Minecraft in school is that kids don’t actually realised they’re doing it while they’re playing, which can be a great way to reach reluctant learners. Children can learn science, math, computer science, art and design, as well as other subjects that is available. Minecraft Education Edition is, in essence, what true edutainment should look like.


What will be covered in this courses?

1. How to download Minecraft Education Edition

2. How to use and navigate Minecraft Education Edition

3. Introduction on Code Builder

4. How to code using Code Builder in Minecraft Education Edition

5. Exercises related to the Code Builder.

For further information please refer the curriculum tab next to the description tab.