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This test contain 50 question. Answer all questions. This question including multiple choice, single choice and True False.
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The difference between Active High and Active Low is the circuit connection only?

What types of BLE?

How many direction do motors have?

DHT sensor is stand for Digital Humidity Temperature Sensor?

What we can control with buzzer?

What can Motor Driver Control?

What is microcontroller?

What types of motor drives we used in Batbot?

What is the maximum value for PWM?

What is RGB color model?

Why we need Common GND Connection?

How may types of DHT sensors have?

How many Motor can be Controlled by L298N Driver?

What does Ultrasonic Measures?

In HC-SR04, Trigger Pins is to transmit waves?

What is variables in programming?

How may Volt can Arduino produce?

We use function to organize our code.

What is Arduino Board?

In DC Motors, if the current flows from negative terminal to positive terminal it will goes clockwise?

How many types of motors do we have?

What makes Arduino Uno and Arduino Nano differences?

Is that Bluetooth a Serial Communication Protocols?

What is the role of the Bluetooth module can we set?

What is maximum value for Analog Input?

Variables can be any name?

How many volts that we use to power up batbot?

What is basic signal that we mostly used in connecting Inputs and Outputs?

What the frequencies we used in Bluetooth HC-06?

How many types of buzzer do we have?

Is that Push Button is Analog Signal input?

Do we need libraries for DHT Sensors?

What is Input?

How to control the Speed of Motors?

We used array to store many data in one variable?

what is the default password to pairing bluetooth and smartphone?

What is Basic Component we need in Communication?

How many types does RGB Led have?

Sensors doesn’t needs power instead of signal to operate?

Loops means it will run once

We can control the PWM at pin 12 on Arduino Nano.

What is Algorithms?

MQ-2 Sensor is sensitive to what?

What model of motors we use in batbot?

Communication types can be divided into 2 types which is Wired and Wireless?

What is Characteristics of Analog Signal?

How many direction does car have?

What Pinout do we use to Control Speed/Brightness?

Does all pins in Arduino can be used as PWM?

Controlling PWM is same as we control voltage that we give to outputs?

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